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The Bobcat Rugby Foundation was built on the premise to provide financial, network, and advice to the Montana State University Men and Women's rugby teams. The foundation was started in 2018 by a select group of alumni who felt that they could make a difference for the clubs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the foundation lost a lot of steam.  Both players and alumni were adversely affected and were spread across the country. 



The foundations' mission is to provide much needed attention to the men's and women's teams on the backend. As the United States starts to pick rugby up at a quicker, and quicker pace, the teams must focus on playing at a higher level.

The goals for the foundation are three fold:

To fund both teams campaigns entirely and send them to nationals each year in both XV's and VII's. Through memberships, donations, and endowment efforts we plan to pay for travel, food, equipment, and coaches salary.  

To provide adequate networking opportunities to student athletes and alumni alike. Alumni and fundraiser events will foster relationships between current and past players to allow for a deeper connection and network.

To advise current student athletes and help to plan the teams campaigns. As well as providing mentorships in and out of the university to promote professional development. 



Our vision is to make Montana State a rugby powerhouse that competes at the highest level possible. Providing financial stability to the clubs will shift their focus to survival to victory. Adding options to their network for post graduation life. Lastly, advising the student athletes on decisions for their teams and for beyond the pitch.

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